Current Delivery Service Time: Karachi: Same day: Rest of Pakistan: 48-72 Hours.

Same day delivery in Karachi

How To Order

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    Upload Prescription

    Our online buying medicine process is as simple as possible. Take the picture of your prescription and upload the picture in tezz order. Alternatively, you can browse through our website and add the required medicine to your shopping cart. If you need any assistance regarding your prescription call our helpline number our representatives are available to help you in the matter.

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    Easy Checkout

    After sending the products in your cart, you have to checkout as a last step. At checkout, we ask about your delivery address and your desired mode of payment. Once the details are provided the checkout process is completed. You will receive an email or a text message about the order confirmation.

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    Medicines Delivered

    After the order confirmation, your parcel is ready to go. The order will be dispatched to the given delivery address. Our efficient order and delivery process will provide the medicines at your home without any hassle.

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