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Clinique Happy

Fragrance family:

Clinique Happy 50ml EDP Spray has a lingering, long-lasting, and multi-layered smell that gives an exotic touch to the user. In addition, it has uniquely modified and curated scents that are intensely noticeable by anyone who smells them. This product is meant for use in males.

Fragrance notes:

Clinique Happy 50ml Spray has versatile notes of Ruby Red Grapefruit, Hawaiian Wedding Flower, and Boysenberry Bush Flower. These notes of Clinique Happy 50ml Spray have never been used in any other perfume. They have an astonishing fragrance that lasts for hours, with nominal reduction. Ruby Red Grapefruit is a great sweet, bold, and tart smell, which is a great one for men. The Hawaiian Wedding Flower is a jasmine family smell that attracts women of different ages.

The Fragrance:

This spray has a fragrance with a great exotic flair that makes it stand out in fragrance stores. The fragrance is specially made for men who wish to make themselves more attractive to women they like.

Can I buy Clinique Happy 50ml Spray online in Pakistan?

Yes! You can buy Clinique Happy 50ml Spray online through our website or call us at 03220240637.

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