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One Shock

Fragrance family:

One Shock 50ml EDT Spray belongs to the sensual floral family of fragrance. These fragrances are specially used for date nights and other romantic occasions. The word sensual says all – as it is known for having an amazing, sensuous smell. It can be used by female users only.

Fragrance notes:

One Shock 50ml EDT Spray has different heart, top, and base notes. It carries flower, jewelled poppy flower, and pink peony as the top notes. The heart notes of this amazingly sensuous perfume include liquid chocolate accord, hypnotic jasmine, blackberry, and narcisse notes. This incredible combination makes this perfume an outstanding product to use on your date night. One Shock 50ml EDT Spray’s base notes comprise magnetic ambers, vanillin, second-skin musk, and patchouli.

The Fragrance:

One Shock 50ml EDT Spray is a thoroughly sexy smell. It makes the user feel great as its heart, top, and base notes give different feel-good fragrances. It allows an amazing smell for a date occasion. This perfume can make your day with a handsome date memorable. The incredible smell promises a night of pleasures and sensual experiences. One Shock 50ml EDT Spray’s notes are known for being loveable from the beginning till the end of the fragrance. This quality makes this perfume an excellent experience for modern women.

Can I buy One Shock 50ml EDT Spray online in Pakistan?

Yes! You can buy One Shock 50ml EDT Spray online through our website or call us at 03220240637.