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Benefits of Keep Your Heart Healthy and its Tips

February 8, 2022

Our hearts beat, every second, for 24 hours a day. According to research human hearts beat 2.5 billion times in a lifetime on average. Knowing that it is one of the most vital organs that keep us alive, it is necessary to treat it as the vital asset that it is also by knowing how to keep your heart healthy and strong.

Heart illness remains the major cause of mortality in both men and women, claiming roughly one million lives each year. Plaque, which is made of calcium, fat, cholesterol, and other elements in the blood, builds up inside the coronary vessels, which supply oxygen-rich blood to the heart muscles, causing heart disease. Plaque interrupts blood flow to the heart’s chambers, resulting in heart attack, sudden cardiac death, or stroke; that is the reason behind the importance of keeping your heart healthy. 

The major risk factors include high blood pressure, high-level cholesterol, and smoking. Still, several additional medical issues and dangerous habits might raise your chances of acquiring the diseases. Diabetes, being overweight or obese, failing to exercise, eating a bad diet, and consuming excessive alcohol are all examples.

Why is it so important to keep your heart healthy as your age?

Taking good care of your heart is very important to avoid cardiovascular disease, but it shouldn’t be your primary motive. There are several more reasons to maintain a healthy heart on a proactive basis:

You’ll have a longer lifespan:

Heart disease is very dangerous for human life, yet it is still one of the most preventable chronic diseases. Maintaining good cardiovascular health extends one’s life. If you have cardiac risk factors like high cholesterol taking the drugs, you need to continue improving your heart health, which can add years to your life.

To reduce the risk of developing dementia:

Mental health and heart health are linked, but it extends beyond depression and anxiety. Dementia is linked to poor heart health, according to research. When you don’t take care of your heart – through healthy behaviors – your blood arteries narrow, resist the blood flow to your brain, your brain cannot function properly without proper blood flow. You may have problems concentrating, decision-making, reasoning with others, or remembering familiar faces and places.

You’ll live a joyful life by keeping your heart healthy:

You may find it hard to move around comfortably if you already have heart problems. You may notice weariness and shortness of breath, which are indicators that your heart isn’t operating properly. Some of these symptoms can be relieved with medicine, but taking proactive measures like exercising, eating well, and keeping a healthy weight might help you prevent them entirely.

To maintain a healthy cholesterol and blood pressure level:

High cholesterol levels increase the chances of getting heart disease, but it’s not all. According to the American Heart Association, high blood cholesterol can cause heart attacks and strokes. Blood pressure levels that are too high are much more dangerous to your overall health. You’re more likely to produce peripheral artery disease, angina, eyesight loss, and kidney disease or failure, in addition to more risk of heart stroke, attack, and heart failure.

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What should I do to protect my heart better?

You can protect your heart and lower the chances of acquiring life-threatening illnesses by adopting better lifestyle choices. Following these healthy-heart tips can have a significant influence on your heart’s health and overall well-being:

Heart Healthy Diet:

The most effective way to maintain your heart health is to eat a balanced and nutritious diet. That’s because what you eat impacts your heart disease risk factors. A balanced or heart-healthy diet can lower the risk of coronary heart disease, prevent you from gaining weight, and lower the risk of blood pressure, cholesterol, and other heart disease risk factors.

Following are five steps to maintain a balanced diet:

  • Eat multiple fruits, vegetables, and whole grains
  • Include fresh and healthy oils and fats
  • Avoid salt to flavor the food. Instead, use herbs and spices
  • Drink unflavored milk, cheese, and yogurt
  • Include a variety of healthy heart foods like protein and vitamins

Quit smoking and avoid smokers:

Smoking is the most significant risk factor for cardiovascular disease, but secondhand smoking is a close second. According to studies, merely inhaling tobacco raises the chance of coronary artery calcification. Ask your doctor about how to stop smoking if you’re a smoker. If you do not smoke, you should maintain the distance from smokers as much as possible..

Do exercises to maintain your heart healthy:

Physical activeness is an essential part of maintaining good heart health. It’s one of your most effective ways to strengthen your heart muscle, maintain a healthy weight, and prevent arterial damage caused by excessive cholesterol, high blood pressure, and high blood sugar, which can lead to a heart stroke or attack.

Regular exercise will help you:

  •  Increase Good cholesterol (HDL) in your blood.
  •  Burn more calories.
  •  Reduce bad cholesterol (LDL) from your blood.
  • Maintain your blood pressure.

According to the research published in PLOS Medicine on January 12th, physical activity is not only working to lower the risk for heart disease, but it also has no upper limit, with the lowest risk recorded in the most active individuals.

“This study confirms what we already know: physical exercise lowers cardiovascular risk,” says Tamanna Singh, MD, a cardiologist. “That’s fantastic because we want people to walk about more.” The more consciously you move your body, the better it is for your overall health.”


Heart disease is the top cause of death worldwide. The major risk factors include high blood pressure, high-level cholesterol, and smoking. Diabetes, being overweight or obese, failing to exercise, eating a bad diet, and consuming excessive amounts of alcohol are all examples. If you are a heart patient and use cardiovascular medications, you can get advice from Ahmed Medico, an online store that provides medical consultancy and delivers your medicines promptly.

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