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Our Testimonials

I’ve made a couple of purchases from Ahmed Medico. The prices are quite affordable and their medicines are authentic. I’d recommend this digital healthcare pharmacy for sure!

Moeez Ahmed

It’s really convenient to get all your medical products from one online medical store In Karachi. Ahmed Medico’s delivery time is rapid and I like how efficient their dispatch team is. Recommended!

Ammar Nadir

I’ve been looking for an online pharmacy store like Ahmed Medico, where you can buy all your medical and sanitary products. I like their low prices yet the products are branded.

Anmol Memon

Quite a convenient online medical store to buy medicines and daily healthcare stuff. Ahmed Medico is the only store that we know delivers too quickly. I highly recommend them!

Fahad Habib

This is the 5th time I am doing online medicine shopping here. The prices at Ahmed Medico are just amazing. They have everything you may need for medical purpose.

Aymen Warraich

This online pharmacy store is really easy-to-shop with. I found everything here that I wanted. Definitely going to make purchase here in future.

Raza Lakhani

Such a great initiative of free delivery on the same day from Ahmed Medico. I am so relieved by their services. Now I ordered my mother’s medicine online. Will recommend everyone to shop from it.

Shousha Rizvi

Making a purchase at Ahmed Medico was a good idea. Online medicine shopping has now become really easy for me. I really like this pharmacy store!

Namra Alam

I was suffering from anemia and needed my medicines and drips every other day. I got a great variety of my prescription medicine from Ahmed Medico that was not available at any other online pharmacy shop. Loved the service. Thank you for great online services.

Abdur Rahman

Visited today. My favorite online medical store in Karachi. I loved their products because they were authentic and quality assured. Visit Ahmed Medico and explore unrivaled makeup, skin care, fragrances and medicines.

Bashir Khosa

Best medical store in town I must say. Got all my face wash and cleanser and I am amazed by the quality you are providing to your customers. I will be your regular customer from now on.

Jalaal Sheikh

I never like going out to a pharmacy. Came across Ahmed Medico. An online pharmacy in Karachi is a great blessing. I order all my health and medical items from them. Great experience.

Zubair Magsi

Received my parcel from Ahmed Medico within 24 hours. Highly Satisfied with the quality of perfumes 100% recommended.

Saadiq Paracha

The staff is really well trained and humble. I will recommend everyone to shop from Ahmed Medico. They have a good variety.

Najeeb Malik

Received my products with great packaging within 24 hours and with free delivery. Their products are 100% original.

Asad Chachar

I came to know about Ahmed Medico from a friend. I ordered a few medicines and had a great experience. I got my order at home in a few hours. Best online medicine shop in Karachi.

Jamaal Sial

Ahmed Medico store is a great option for medicines and supplements. I am their regular customer, prices are very reasonable. Home delivery service is a great facility. No doubt the best online pharmacy in Karachi.

Bilal Khattak

Ahmed Medico is an ideal online pharmacy in Karachi. The best part is their free delivery. I received the medicines in an hour. I would recommend this to everyone. Satisfied with their services.

Sadaf Lakhani

My all-time favorite online medical store. Because of reasonable rates and original products I always order from them. Their packaging is also very good.

Mufeed Babar

I ordered a blood pressure machine from Ahmed Medico and it is working very well. A great facility to check blood pressure at home. They also guided me on how to use the machine. 100% recommended store.

Nuban Malik

Due to fast paced life, it is difficult to go to the pharmacy especially in an emergency. Ahmed Medico is a great opportunity to online order your medicines and get them delivered at your door. I will definitely shop from them again.

Shakeel Masood

Ahmed Medico is such a time saving facility. I order my health essentials from them and usually receive them in a few hours. You can also save your fuel charges as they have free delivery.

Majid Khan

Such an appreciable service of online medicine delivery especially for disabled persons. It’s now so easy to order medicine and get them at home. Lots of wishes for their success.

Muhammad Rashid

I needed a few medicines online and they really helped me throughout the process. It was good to order from them. I would recommend Ahmed Medico to everyone. A good option to buy online medicines.

Ziya Bukhari

I ordered multivitamins from Ahmed Medico and they delivered them within the same day. Also their prices were lower than the market. Recommended.

Rasheed Raza

I really appreciate Ahmed Medico for having multiple brands available online. They deliver genuine medicines on the same day with free home delivery. Their discounted deals are the best.

Karim Baig

Had a good experience when I went to purchase medicine from Ahmed Medico. Good product knowledge, humble, respect the customers. Appreciate the service. Everyone must try this medical store on Shahrah-e-Faisal.

Saif Talpur

Good medicine knowledge with stock availability. Good customer service. Appreciate the service of Ahmed Medico. Best medicine shop.

Jawaad Mehmood

Good communication skills with well trained staff, with good product knowledge. Home delivery option is available, it was very useful for me & for my family members during pandemic situation. I recommend Ahmed Medico to everyone.

Parvin Kalhoro

During covid, medicines were delivered to my home, stock availability is good with medicine knowledge, and Staff educated me about the pills which I had to take during covid. Staff are very humble & have high medicine knowledge.

Yaman Saleem

When I went to the chemist for the first time, there was a good response and made a hospitable thing for me. They also send messages about my delivery order and updates. Thanks Ahmed Medico.

Mansoor Ghazali

There are always discounts going on Ahmed Medico website. That is why I always order my health essentials from them. Now I am used to it. Totally satisfied with the quality and service. Recommended!

Faarooq Siyal

Being a mother of a toddler, online delivery service of medicines and baby feed is such a blessing. It is very helpful to get things delivered at your home. Totally appreciated the great services of Ahmed Medico.

Samina Khattak

It is so easy to order from Ahmed Medico website. Their WhatsApp chat is the best option. I am now their regular customer. Excellent service and quality.

Salim Khan

Ahmed Medico is a very reliable online medical store. They always guide you if you need information about any product. Their staff is very friendly. Good variety of medicines available that is difficult to find at any other medical store.

Abdul Ghani

I ordered a few products from them. Some great grooming products are available for men also at Ahmed Medico. I am so happy to see this. Really like that they have a variety of products that no other store offers. Trusted and recommended.

Rayan Khan

Really impressed by their “fast order” service. The delivery time is amazing. Surely one of the quickest online medical store in Karachi.

Manaahil Nusrat

Ahmed Medico is providing authentic medicines at the best price. Delivering all across Pakistan is an excellent feature. I will definitely shop from them again.

Danial Sial

I had a good experience when I visited Ahmed Medico branch at Shahrah-e Faisal. Nice and professional staff. Good product knowledge. Very respectful to their customers.

Meisam Tauqeer

A great initiative for Karachi people. Now you don’t have to go out. Easily get your medicines at home. Free delivery is a great service. It will save your fuel charges also.

Tooba Tahir

Original products with discounted prices always. So happy with free delivery and discounts. Keep it up Ahmed Medico. Will shop again.

Kiran Naz

I ordered a medicine that I needed within one day and I really appreciate Ahmed Medico for fast delivery service with good product knowledge.

Daniyal Mukhar

Ahmed Medico is the best shop to buy medicines. Amazing experience. Staff is very professional and helpful. Thank you.

Momina Nawaf

Very good service with humble staff at Ahmed Medico. Quality products under one roof, I will recommend buying products from them.

Zaman Abdul-Khabir

Their store is providing really good services with quality products especially medicines. I will be their regular customer from now on.

Saif Naseer

They are providing excellent services from their website. Everything is so easy to find from their website as they have made categories specifically.

Ahmed Waqas

I visited their store today and found that they are having really great products under the same roof. Best thing is they have special discounts on some products too. I recommend Ahmed Medico.

Wahab Naeem

For some reason I had to buy the medicines online. I ordered from Ahmed Medico. They deliver in 2 hours. Medicines were authentic and delivery was also on time. Really nice experience. I will buy it again.

Akif Khan

I visited Ahmed Medico today and can’t resist myself reviewing their services. Staff, products and prices were all trustworthy.

Zafar Mirza

Really appreciate the ambiance. Their services are really reliable and trustworthy. Ahmed Medico is 100% recommended.

Durria Abbas

The staff was very cooperative. I like Ahmed Medico and its environment. Nice experience. I will visit again.

Lubna Shamsi

I am very happy with the discounts on items. The delivery is also free. Everyone should give a try to Ahmed Medico. Best prices. Recommended!

Bina Hashmi

It is very impressive that now every medicine is available online at Ahmed Medico. Very good service and quality. Best online medicine shop in Karachi.

Sabeen Javed

They guided very well about the order and its tracking. Received my parcel in 2 hours. This is just amazing. Ahmed Medico is recommended to everyone.

Ibrahim Channa

Very happy with Ahmed Medico’s online delivery services. It is great that they offer cash on delivery and don’t demand advance payment. Good experience.

Sameer Mehmood

My health is not good and Ahmed Medico’s online service is a blessing. Received my medicines the same day in a few hours. Good luck to their team.

Akram Khan

The entire customer service team at Ahmed Medico is fantastic and I highly recommend them!! Good discount deals online. Recommended.

Ashley Hunt

Very trustworthy and professional service. I really liked this store. Prices are reasonable. Home delivery is also free. Best online medicine delivery at Ahmed Medico.

Tahir Babar

I went to Ahmed Medico recently. The store is very good. Wide variety with low prices to market. Few things need to be improved. Overall good service. Keep it up.

Farhan Kazim

Very impressed by the Ahmed Medico order process. Great facility to upload prescription to get medicine at home. Well done Ahmed Medico. Great online pharmacy.

Awais Khan

Excellent customer service! Fast delivery. The packing was very good. Highly satisfied. I will definitely recommend Ahmed Medico.

Sakina Fatima

Original products! Everyone should buy from Ahmed Medico. Prices are less. They deliver within a few hours. You can save money on fuel. Good shop to buy medicines.

Hammad Agha

I had my first experience of online buying with Ahmed Medico. Very good delivery service. Got my order in a few hours. Medicines were authentic. Keep it up Ahmed Medico.

Kaneez Fatima

It is very budget friendly to order from Ahmed Medico. They have a discount going on. Also, the delivery fee is very reasonable. Thanks. Best online pharmacy.

Shakir Wasim

Such a great initiative of an online medical store in Karachi with 24 hour delivery. I avail this service many times. Recommended to everyone in Karachi.

Shehroz Shaheer

Overall good experience. One medicine was not available but it went fine. Delivered on time. Good service Ahmed Medico. Recommended.

Siddiq Khan

No complaints from Ahmed Medico online order. Received the exact things that I ordered. Home delivery was also on time. My experience is very good.

Qunoot Fatima

I was afraid to order online. Thank God it was not a scam. Ahmed Medico is a very good website to order your medicines. Packaging was good.

Saira Shahid

Bought perfume for my mother. 100% original. I am satisfied with the quality and service. I will recommend Ahmed Medico for original perfumes.

Fahad Zahid

I have bought it 3 times from Ahmed Medico website. Every time it was a great experience. Deliver on time. Best online pharmacy in Karachi.

Shakir Ali

I really appreciate the online pharmacy concept in Pakistan. Really glad to see Ahmed Medico operating as an online medical store in Karachi. I bought health supplements from them and the online medicine delivery was flawless.

Saboor Ali

A young man from their staff really helped me  with my online medicine delivery. The experience was good. It is now easy to order medicine online. Good experience!

Shahid Abbas Khan

Had a really great experience with  ordering medicine online from Ahmed Medico. They offer discounts too on most of their stuff. Best Online Medical Store In Karachi.

Haiqa Ahmed

Thankyou for an amazing online pharmacy Ahmed Medico. It makes a huge difference to get medicine delivery online. Now I will always buy my things from here.

Sabeena Jawed

Excellent customer service! Fast medicine delivery. The packing was very good. Highly satisfied. I will definitely recommend Ahmed Medico as an online medical store!

Shahrukh Azam

I always find it difficult to order from any website. But I really like that Ahmed Medico as an online medical store has a WhatsApp button on the website. So easy to chat and order medicine online.

Mehboob Alam

Good experience of online healthcare products purchase. No delays. Got the order on time. Prices are also good. Now there is no need to go out. Ahmed Medico’s online pharmacy is a best medicine buying shop.

Naeem Khan

I recommend ordering from Ahmed Medico as they deliver well with great prices and even at discounted prices from the market with free medicine  delivery which is great.

Saqlain Ahmed

I visited Ahmed Medico for the first time today and I was surprised to see how great the ambiance is. They are providing really good services. Will definitely recommend it.

Basheer Khan

I ordered baby care products from Ahmed Medico and I am surprised to see how authentic and quality products they are selling. I will definitely buy more from this online medical store.

Saqib Mehmood

It is very simple to order medicine online from Ahmed Medico website. Easy process and quick delivery. I am satisfied with them. Best wishes. Satisfied with my order.

Sakeena Mushtaq

Great service. Received my order within few hours. Good to have an online medical store near me. Recommended.

Aun Rasheed

Excellent quality products and Online Medical Store Karachi. Order arrived on time and no product was damaged. Ahmed Medico is  Highly recommended online pharmacy. I’m really satisfied.

Irum Farooq

First experience ordering medicines online. Great experience. Received the same products I ordered. Satisfied with my order.

Shameer Ahmed

I live near Tariq Road and Ahmed Medico is the best medical store in Karachi. Received good products. Prices are reasonable. No product was damaged. Recommended.

Maheen Khan

First experience with Online Medicine In Pakistan. Good quality products. Satisfied with my order. it’s really hard to find an online Medical store near me

Shamsa Farooqui

A lot of quality products under one roof. No need to visit physical  pharmacies and burn extra fuel when you can order online and get it delivered for free. Best online medical store services.

Adil Hassan

Me and my family and I have been purchasing branded fragrances from Ahmed Medico for a while. 100% authentic products. Save yourself from replicas and purchase authentic products. Best  Online pharmacy in Pakistan.

Jawwad Habib

Recently I ordered CK fragrance from them. It was 100% original. They deliver home on the same day. Best online pharmacy in Pakistan to buy original products.

Usamaa Mughal

Just got my parcel today, the products are authentic. So happy to see that you are having the best and original aloe vera gel in your store. Will definitely order again from your Online Pharmacy In Pakistan.

Noor Ul Ain
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