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Calvin Klein Eternity Now

Fragrance family:

Available at Ahmedmedico. Calvin Klein Eternity Now 30ml Spray is a floral fragrance family perfume. It gives an amazing, memorable, and long-lasting smelling finish. Using this perfume is a fantastic way to make ladies smell good – it contains a different, exuberant, and exciting feel.

Fragrance notes:

This fragrance 30ml Spray has top notes of bergamot, white lily, and mandarin, making the classic sweet smell evident. White lily has a spicier smell, giving it an excellent finish. This Fragrance 30ml EDP Spray’s heart notes have white rose, violet, and carnation smells, making the middle of the smell luxurious and modern. The base notes of Calvin Klein Eternity Now 30ml Spray have a sandalwood, musk, and amber smell. It gives a unique experience to the olfactory senses and greatly redefines the world of perfumes.

The Fragrance:

This Fragrance Now 30ml Spray, just like other fragrances, has tons to offer for women looking for a romantic evening. Some part of Calvin Klein Eternity Now 30ml EDP Spray does have an original oriental smell. But it has more to offer by giving an exotic bouquet of perfumes.

Can I buy Calvin Klein Eternity Now 30ml Spray online in Pakistan?

Yes! You can buy Calvin Klein Eternity Now 30ml Spray online through our website or call us at 03220240637.