Durex Performa Condom – Pack Of 3

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Durex Performa Condom – Pack Of 3

Durex Performa Condom Price in Pakistan:

Durex Performa condoms protect and mainly offers increased sensitivity. It basically has a lube to delay his orgasm which makes sex long lasting. Still providing the same high level of reassurance and protection they are shaped to be easier to put on and provide better and sleeker fit.

Form: Transparent rubber.
Flavor/Variant/Type/Size: Protection.

Key Benefits of Durex Performa Condom:

  • Provides protection.
  • Offers sensitivity.
  • Make safe sex feel better.
  • Better and sleeker fit.
  • Provides high level protection with its featherlite properties.
  • Made up of transparent rubber latex material.
  • 100% electronically tested.

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