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ELLE Fleur

Fragrance family:

This fragrance belongs to the fragrance family of floral perfumes that give it a great flavour of scent for women. It is a beautiful combination of the modern age’s most extraordinary smells that compliment feminine beauty.

Fragrance notes:

The top notes of this fragrance consist of Lime and Yuzu, which give a great blend of sweet, fresh, and light smells that make your day. The heart notes of this fragrance consists of Rose Scent, which gives it a great classic smell. The last base note of this fragrance has Cedar and Sandalwood, which give it a woody smell for the last touch before dissipating.

The Fragrance:

This fragrance has a great woody, floral, and classic smell that can give a worthy scent to your evening with romantic feelings and amazing vibes. It has an amazingly refreshing smell that allows a long-lasting touch to your evening, which may mean a lot to any lady.

Can I buy ELLE Fleur 30ml online in Pakistan?

Yes! You can buy ELLE Fleur 30ml online through our website or call us at 03220240637.