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Hugo Boss The Scent

Hugo Boss The Scent Fragrance family:

Available at ahmedmedico, Hugo Boss The Scent 100ml EDT Spray is a men’s perfume that belongs to the family of fragrances of oriental wood. It is known for being seductive, exclusive, and exotic.

Fragrance notes:

This fragrance 100ml EDT Spray is an excellent perfume with a mixture and blend of the best scents available for men. It is known for being an exotic and oriental perfume with a top note of Ginger. Maninka fruity smell is found in the heart note. The last note of this fragrance 100ml Spray has a Leather smell that will make your experience with this perfume and worth remembering.

The Fragrance:

This fragrance 100ml Spray has an astounding smell result. Its beautiful woody smell is for real you, the bold and handsome man of the 21st century. It is well known for being seductive in the scent flavour. By the end of the day, your fragrance ends in a graceful finish.

Can I buy Hugo Boss The Scent 100ml Spray online in Pakistan?

Yes! You can buy this fragrance 100ml Spray online through our website or call us at 03220240637.